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Embedded Nature provides expert technology, solutions, and ideas. While empowering people to better their lives and embrace the technology around them.


Got a great idea you’d like to bring to life? Embedded Nature can develop personal and business websites, mobile applications, and build hardware solutions.


Interested in cryptocurrency but not sure how it works? Let us help you or your business gain the necessary knowledge to succeed. Contact us today and also get help with mining. Embedded Nature can design and build you an affordable mining machine.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services can help you gain a competitive edge online. Let us create your next digital promotion. Increase your online presence with SEO, email marketing, and digital analytics services.


Sluggish hardware can slow down your business. Embedded Nature performs device cleanups, setup new hardware, and backup your precious data. Our team can also troubleshoot issues with your computers, tablets, mobile devices and networks.

Technology Mentorship

Receive knowledgeable recommendations before you buy your next electronic device. We can help you understand technology, how to work with, and adapt to all of the advances in the industry.

Join the Pride

We develop mobile applications, websites, provide digital marketing solutions, offer suggestions to technology choices, and provide solutions to unsolved technology problems. Through the web Embedded Nature educates people on how to utilize emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies. We can create a positive outlook to help accelerate lives and achieve personal and business success.

Being part of a pride means we work together to achieve excellence. Customers and fans a like will positively grow while learning about the latest technology advances and how to use them.

Meet the Team

Isaac Durant

Isaac Durant

Founder / Computer Engineer

Isaac is a ambitious and confident problem solver which makes him an enthusiastic learner. He is a passionate gamer who also loves cars, finances and photography. He lives to discuss anything related to technology and has a great ability to communicate technical information to non-technical people. Known to be a dedicated person with an ability to solve technical issues both hardware and software.

Being a technology enthusiast and engineer, Isaac has gained many skills across many different fields including networking, web design, finances, hardware, software, troubleshooting, database, wireless communication, IoT-the list goes on.

Saif Alnabi

Saif Alnabi

Co Founder / Digital Strategist

Saif is the go-to-guy for anything digital marketing. His experience in: website integration and design, project management, SEO campaign development and execution, social content calendar creation and planning, and landing page creation has allowed him to be proficient at using and developing marketing initiatives to enhance websites and achieve business goals

Outside of marketing he is an avid hiker and traveler. Other hobbies include photography and anything technology and considers himself to be a professional dinosaur photographer.

What Clients Say

Northeast College Prep

Carl Phillips - Director

"Embedded Nature is an excellent company to work with. Saif and Isaac listened to what we wanted and met with us multiple times to ensure that we received a high quality end product. From their design ideas to their attentiveness to detail, everything was great. We will definitely use them again!"

Compassionate Lucy Senior Home Care

Compassionate Lucy Senior Home Care

Elizabeth Tamfu - CEO

"I just want to say thank you! You did a great job cleaning and organizing the files on my computer. I enjoy using Chrome and having Microsoft Office on Windows 10. Also, thank you for fixing my logo."


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