WordPress Hosting is designed for customers who need the resources, products, tools and support to create and manage their WordPress website.

Your domain name is what people type into their browser to find your website. Still, the website’s address is really a unique string of identifying numbers called an IP address that isn’t easy for most people to remember. Your domain name functions as a memorable link or shortcut to the IP address, making it easier to get to your website without needing to remember its numeric address.

If you decide we’re not the right host for you we’ll give you a hassle-free refund. Just cancel your account within your first 30-days for a full refund.

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that powers over 30% of the internet. WordPress makes it easy to create, edit and manage websites for beginners and advanced users alike. Built by a community of global developers, WordPress is continuously being improved and refined to provide the best functionality and performance for its users.

A subdomain is a prefix added to your original domain name, like a domain within a domain, usually following the form subdomain.example.com. They behave very similar to an addon domain and are often created to separate your website’s different sections, such as blog.example.com or store.example.com.  

Support is available in various forms 24/7.

After you have completed your new account setup you are automatically connected to the latest version of WordPress. You will login and automatically be connected to your new WordPress site that you can begin customizing.

Yes. We offer our customers an opportunity to upgrade their hosting to a higher plan at any any.

Embedded Nature hosting offers unlimited bandwidth capacity.

Yes, we offer a budget ecommerce hosting service providers for small to medium business.

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We accept all sort of credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discove), and PayPal as well.

Yes, daily backups is included in our GoGeek plan. Additionally, we do offer a paid backup service. With this backup service you can get almost any time backup!

No, adult material is not supported. Websites offering pornographic, nudity, escort services, and adult content are not welcomed here. Additionally we will not tolerate hateful, illegal, and spam content.

Yes, users get SSH access. The feature is not enabled by default, you need to activate shell access by contacting our tech support.